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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

For All You Know........

Assalamualaikum W.B.T......

   Apa cerita sahabat-sahabat semua? Sihat? Alhamdulillah...

Sibuk giler! Sampai tak sempat nak update blog. And I believe that most of us do. Semua orang ada urusan sendiri kan? Pandai-pandailah bahagikan masa. Or else, masa yang akan bahagi-bahagikan anda. Jiwa kacau. Just like me, these few days.

Scene 1 (dalam kelas)

   Selepas membuat kerja2 grammar yang ala2 brain teaser, our beloved lecturer told us that...

"For all you know, this sem might be your last sem here."

   And I was like, WHAT? Cerita ni lagi. Tak habis-habis. And the bla-bla-bla went on for like, 10 minutes. The reasons? Sounds like the lecturers are sacking us! As if we are being expelled. Expelled? Why? Adala sebabnye tu. Berbalik semula kepada proverb melayu, kerana nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga. This is what happening now.

   I really can't understand the situation. Kalau seorang bermasalah/buat salah, kenapa semua nak kena halau? Frankly speaking, if one is going to fall, I'm not going to fall together with that one. You jump, I'm only going to stop you once, but I'm not going to jump with you. This is not selfish. This is what you call being responsible for your own doings.  That's how it's going to be. If it's me lah. Sendiri buat, sendiri tanggung. Bukan sendiri buat, bersama tanggung. If it's a good thing, then, I'm going to be really glad to tanggung bersama-sama with you. But it's not even NEAR good. It's not fair to "expel" (figuratively expel) everyone just because seorang buat salah.

   But then, this is the fact. I guess, I have to live with the fact. The fact that we are soon leaving this beloved and wonderful IPG. I'm really going to miss this place. Itupun kalau we really2 will go lah. If not, I would be very glad to spend the rest of my studying period here. Developing and improving myself, to be a better being. It's not that  I'm saying that tempat lain tak bagus or whatsoever. It's just that, this place is kinda like strategic. I've been yearning for this kind of surroundings, this Islamic environment, in which we embrace the culture, the religion, the belief, as a Muslim of course.

   Well, hidup tidak selalu indah. But then, life is never cruel too. Manusia yang kejam sesama sendiri, bukan hidup. This so called "shocking news" is really giving me a heart attack. Never fails. Tapi, never mindlah. Kalau pindah pun, it must be for a good reason. Allah adalah sebaik-baik perancang. Kerana Dia saya di sini, dan kalau saya pergi pun, itu juga kerana Dia. Kita hanya merancang, Allah menentukan. Even if I tie up myself here, ikat kaki dekat pokok pun, if the fact is I'm leaving, I am still going to leave. Walaupun I never wanted to leave. NEVER. I would rather go back to Sarawak if I'm not going to graduate from IPG KPI. Lebih baik balik Sarawak kalau tak dok sini. I just wanted to be here and here and here. Huhu. I love this place. This is really2 sad and devastating. But I'm not going to be devastated by this. I'm living my life to the fullest! NEVER GIVE UP! Sem ini, cerita sem ini. Sem depan punya cerita, keep it for sem depan......And... SHUT UP! No more of this freaking news!

  Semoga diberkati, dipermudah segala urusan, dikabulkan segala doa. Amin....Wassalam....

Friday, September 9, 2011


Assalamualaikum W.B.T.....

   Kita lupakan hal semalam....Hari ni, saya baca news and jumpa something yang sangat menggembirakan..Touching though....Wonder how it feels to be caged for 30 years....Sedarilah kawan2 semua...Binatang pun nak hidup bebas macam kita juga...Respect and love bukan hanya untuk manusia sahaja...Hormati dan sayangi makhluk Allah S.W.T. yang lain walaupun mereka memang tidak seperti kita...Mereka tak macam manusia...Berakal dan mampu lindungi diri against manusia yang lain..Jadi, kitalah yang patut lindungi mereka..Bukannya malah memanipulasi serta menyiksa mereka...

Free at last! Chimps caged for 30 years and injected with HIV in cruel experiments finally feel the sun on their faces again
Like prisoners emerging from a lifetime behind bars, a group of chimpanzees step blinking into the sunlight with what appears for all the world to be a wave and a smile.
And they have much to be joyful about. For this is the first time they have felt grass under their feet and breathed fresh air for 30 years.
Though a few of the chimps were born in captivity, most were kidnapped from African jungles as babies and flown to Europe, where they were locked in metal laboratory cages to be used in a long series of experiments.

Hello world: With a wave and what appears to be a smile, chimpanzees step into the daylight for the first time in 30 years at the Gut Aiderbichl Animal Sanctuary, near Salzburg, Austria.

(See? Mesti gembira kan untuk lihat senyuman di wajah mereka? Dah lama tak nampak matahari..Dah lama tak rasa duduk atas rumput, main pokok, bebas, udara segar. Kita pun, kalau kena caged sehari pun mesti dah macam orang gila nak keluar. Apalagi mereka ni? Put yourself in their shoes. Then you'll think twice before you do something to other creatures. I feel happy for them. Hope others will be released too.)

Sweet dreams: Susi, a 37-year-old chimp, sunbathes in freedom for the first time. Susi has not been outside for 35 years

Horrifyingly, their mothers - who would usually raise them for six years - were all slaughtered.

The aim of the firm that bought them was to find a vaccine to combat Aids. Because chimps share  99per cent of the gene code of man, they seemed natural subjects for study. 

Behind bars: One of the chimps in the cages that were home to them for many years
Behind bars: One of the chimps in the cages that were home to them for many years

But that meant they suffered terrible cruelties in the years that followed, including being injected with the HIV virus.

Hooked up to machines and pumped full of chemicals, they were truly prisoners of utter despair. With no stimulation, no nurturing love and no hope, many were driven to the brink of madness and sometimes beyond.

    But their ordeal finally ended on Tuesday when the 38 surviving chimps were released into a £3million sanctuary in Austria, allowing them to feel the nurturing contact of their fellow chimps after years of being separated by bars and bullet-proof glass.
    Now, Susi, David, Clyde, Lingoa, Moritz and all the others will be free to enjoy the remainder of their lives together, thanks to the unstinting efforts of a 59-year-old conservationist named Michael Aufhauser.
    The founder of an animal charity that operates in four European countries, he oversaw the construction of the sanctuary outside Vienna, which is built on the site of a defunct safari park. 
    ‘Who knows what scars they carry on the inside,’ says Mr Aufhauser.

    ‘They are all traumatised to greater or lesser degrees. Two of them died before the reserve was finished, but at least those that are left will have a quality of life that was unthinkable when they were prisoners of the lab.
    ‘Some chimpanzees were infected with the HIV virus. Of course, they became HIV positive. But none of them, not here in Austria or anywhere else in the world, developed full-blown Aids. Therefore, the programme was useless. It achieved absolutely nothing.’ 
    Several years ago, the giant American pharmaceutical company Baxter took over the Austrian laboratory, and immediately announced it had no intention of continuing the testing programme. 
    More than that, its bosses decided the firm had a moral responsibility to improve the life of the chimps, who can live to the age of 50 or 60.
    They were moved to an indoor shelter in a safari park, but when it went into liquidation in 2004 the building of an outdoor sanctuary was stopped and the animals were forced to spend several more years in cages.
    But no longer. ‘At last,’ says Mr Aufhauser. ‘They will have some dignity and some fun for what remains of their lives.’

    Thursday, September 8, 2011


    Assalamualaikum W.B.T.....

    I prefer to be myself for as long as i do not do bad and prohibited things and encourage other people to do so.

    Eh? Salah ke bila saya guna Bahasa Inggeris? Salah ke bila gambar FB saya tak islamik enough? Ada masalah ke kalau status FB saya tak selalunya berbentuk Islamik?

    Well, there's quite a number of issue raising up. Kalau bagi sayalah, saya rasa tak salah selagi apa yang ditulis tidak bertentangan dengan syara' atau dalam erti kata lain, tidak bermaksud membawa kepada sebarang kejahatan dan tidak pula sia-sia atau kosong.

    Isu gambar? Cerita gambar ni cerita lama. Orang kata, gambar melambangkan siapa kita. Well, here I'm telling you that this is not totally right kerana gambar could be deceptive. Pembayangan, penipuan, disguise, penyamaran. Sama macam kita beli buku. Kadang-kadang, COVER NAMPAK CANTIK, TITLE NAMPAK MENARIK, tapi bila baca, isi tidak seperti yang dijangkakan. Even buku yang covernya biasa-biasa saja isinya lebih berkualiti. Hard to read between the lines isn't it? Maksud saya di sini ialah, tak usahlah menilai seseorng daripada luaran kerana mata itu selalu tertipu. Apa yang diluar itu tidak semestinya sama dengan apa yang di dalam. Kenapa? Adakah bila saya guna gambar anime sebagai profile picture, itu melambangkan saya tidak Islamik? Adakah itu bermaksud bahawa saya mengagungkan budaya Jepun dan sudah lupa diri? Tidak bukan? Bagi sayalah, selagi gambar itu tidak bersifat "mendedahkan", bukan berbentuk terlarang, mungkin tidak bermasalah.

    Bahasa? Kenapa jadi isu? Adakah bila saya guna bahasa Inggeris, saya sudah di"westernize"? Saya sudah menjadi seperti orang-orang Barat? No! Western is Western! English is a LANGUAGE! Memang itu bahasa yang mereka gunakan, but that's it! Itu sahaja. Bukan bermakna, bila saya guna bahasa itu, saya adalah mereka atau seperti mereka. I study English language, so that's why I have to use it. How else can I improve if I do not practice? Jangan sempitkan pemikiran. Jumud, lesu dan beku. Sometimes saya rasa benda ni betul sebab perkara-perkara macam nilah. Pemikiran terlalu sempit sehingga menyekat perkembangan diri ke arah kebaikan.

    Kadangkala, kita rasa selamat untuk buat salah kerana TITLE, COURSE. Yelah, orang takkan perasan atau takkan nampak kerana kita course yang baik-baik. Eh? Ada pulak course yang baik-baik dan course yang tak baik? I'm going to be direct lah. Dan bila seseorang itu berada under title yang berlainan dengan kita, kita sentiasa berusaha sehingga ke titisan peluh terakhir untuk mencari kesalahannya. All we see are their mistakes! Ni ada yang dah scan, skim, analyze apa yang saya tulis ni. Nak cari salah dan kekurangan. Bila seorang buat salah, semua orang under title itu akan kena. Saya takkan put the blame on orang yang buat salah, kerana apa yang salah ialah sikap kita ni. Kita selalu generalize, membuat kesimpulan berdasarkan satu-satu perkara sahaja. Kadang-kadang, bila jadi budak TESL, saya rasa macam dah kena sumpahan. Curse. Semua yang obvious yang tak baik aje. Yang salah aje yang nampak. Padahal semua pun manusia biasa. If you are only going to talk bad about other people and at the same time, you do bad things because you feel safe to do so, you are no good either. You are worst than that.

    Kesimpulannya, jangan guna mata menilai. Guna otak yang ada dalam tengkorak dalam kepala tu. Guna akal. Seriously, mata selalu tertipu. Penampilan selalu menipu. Saya pun malas lah nak jadi hipokrit neh. Nak susah payah jadi hipokrit ni untuk siapa? Untuk puaskan hati korang? Huiiii...Takda masa kawan. Lagipun, tak pandai nak berlakon baik, sok suci kata orang Indon. Mesti tersiksa jiwa merana kan? Kesian pulak. Jadi nasihat saya, jadilah diri sendiri. Maksudnya di sini, jadilah manusia yang baik. Merendah dan mencari salah orang lain tidak pernah akan menjadikan kamu lebih baik daripada itu. Manusia sentiasa buat silap. Itu sebab kita saling memerlukan. Untuk saling menasihati.

    P/S : kenapa tetibe nak cakap pasal ni? heheh. Takda papepun. Cuma ternampak sesuatu dalam FB yang bikin panassss....memang bukan masalah saya, tapi saya rasa keperluan untuk speak out. So, saya ceritalah. Tak attack sesiapa ya. Tak usahlah nak susah2 carik salah orang. Perbetulkn diri. Kerana nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga. Ini betul tapi saya tak pakai peribahasa ni. Yang setitik tu, biar kekal setitik. Takkan nak buang sebelanga kerana setitik itu? Heh!  berkias lagi! Semoga takda yang terasa dan sakit hati ya. Saya menulis je pun. Luahan hati seorang TESLIAN. Ambil yang baik. Andai ada yang buruk, buang jauh2 dlm tong sampah. Wassalam...